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What Is Plum Guide, the Flashy New Airbnb Competitor?

Spring has sprung with the promise of a vaccinated, cicada-raging, lumbersexual summer that finally (finally) has us down to plan a vacation with our Pfizer’d Fellowship. Yes, although the pandemic is far from over (especially in regards to resuming normal travel), some aspects of how we travel can start look something like, well, not care-free…but not holed up inside our apartments, crying to the new Fiona Apple and killing our at-home mushroom kits, à la March 2020. 

Indeed, “life finds a way.” We’ve wiped our tears, juiced our arms on Moderna et. al., and started thinking about waking up in a dome home in a faraway land that we had bookmarked on Airbnb or VRBO (that good ol’ pre-Airbnb site), and started planning le…

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