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When launching your own website, you want the most features for the best price. Web hosting leaves a heavy carbon footprint due to data centers, where web hosting servers are located. Some companies have found ways to go eco-friendly, or at least lessen the impact on the environment without impacting their service to customers. While more companies are going green, Green Geeks hosting is the best hosting company available.

Most hosting companies offer similar services, but green hosting gives back to the environment. There are two types of green hosting, REC and VER. REC, or renewable energy credits, can be purchased by hosting companies, certifying they have aided in creating renewable energy. Carbon offset certificates (VER) certify that greenhouse gases were reduced. The impact of the internet on the environment is significant. The annual output of CO2 related to the internet is the equivalent of 31 million cars driving around the world one time! Many green hosting companies purchase renewable energy credits, but Green Geeks goes above and beyond.

Green Geeks has over ten years of hosting experience, investing three times their energy use into renewable energy sources through the Bonneville Environmental Foundation. If you are concerned about the impact of web hosting, rest easy knowing that websites using Green Geeks hosting are carbon reducing.  Not only will you have great service with Green Geeks, but you’ll be making a difference too.

What GreenGeeks Offers With It's Promo Code

Give it a try with the current Green Geeks promo code, making their Ecosite Lite plan just $2.95 a month for the first year! There’s no crazy jump in price like other hosting companies, so even after the promo is up, you won’t be emptying your bank account for hosting. Enjoy the features Green Geeks has to offer without paying extra like most other hosting companies require.

At first sight, Green Geeks may seem just like any other hosting company on the web. However, their features and plans make them the best hosting company. With Green Geeks hosting, you’ll be able to choose what data center (out of 5) you’re provisioned in. Whether you choose Phoenix, Toronto, Chicago, Amsterdam, or Montreal, you’ll enjoy all the benefits Green Geeks hosting has to offer, including speeds, eco-friendly technology, and security. Forget Virtual Private Servers. Upgrading to Virtual Private Servers can be costly, so Green Geeks eliminates the need for them, allowing you to upgrade resources for your website as needed.

GreenGeeks Hosting Features & Amenities

GreenGeeks Speed Assessment

When it comes to speed, Green Geeks is the best hosting company. Your website files and databases are stored on the fastest hardware with optimized web and database servers, allowing speeds up to 50 times faster than other companies. In-house caching technology also gives users the fastest app load times for efficiency and reliability. Many hosting companies claim they offer the best speeds, but Green Geeks delivers. After hosting with GoDaddy for a year, I will never go back to it. Implementing addons slowed the website down significantly, despite boasting about their speeds.

GreenGeeks Uptime

Most hosting companies brag about 99.9% uptime with little to show for it. I’ve hosted with GoDaddy before and the uptime wasn’t anywhere close to 99%. Unscheduled outages, such as server upgrades, are typically not covered by guarantees, so you’ll want a company that’s upfront about their up and down times. Downtime can spell disaster for businesses, so you want to make sure you go with the hosting that guarantees the best uptime (and means it!). Green Geeks delivers on their promise of uptime, so you will never have to worry about downtime for your website.

GreenGeeks Security Measures

Security is a big feature in the hosting world, and one of the most important. From malware to DDoS attacks, you want to ensure your website is safe for you and everybody else to use. Acorn Host, another green hosting company, offers password protected directories and server level hacking protection, but lacks real time protection like Green Geeks hosting offers. GoDaddy has similar protection measures in place, but Green Geeks real-time monitoring ensures a quicker response to any potential threats to your website. While other hosting companies offer protection measures, Green Geeks doubles up on security measures. Proprietary and third-party software allows Green Geeks administrators to identify potentially harmful attacks across the network so they can develop security rules before a problem occurs. Real time scanning allows the systems of Green Geeks to identify files that have changed and scan them for known malware in real time. Any changes are isolated immediately to prevent malware from spreading.

GreenGeeks Disk Space

Disk space is what’s available on the server you’re hosting on, used for storing the content of your website. This can include videos, pages, images, and other features of your site. Since shared hosting means you’re sharing the space with other people hosting their websites, there is often a limit to how much space your website can take up. Take for instance GoDaddy. GoDaddy claims to have unlimited disk space, but people hosting large websites with many photos, videos, pages, etc. may find their storage is limited to an extent. For truly unlimited disk space, Green Geeks is the best hosting company.

GreenGeeks Bandwidth

Web hosting bandwidth is how quickly a website communicates and transfers data to connected computers and other devices. You may find limits on the bandwidth your site can use monthly with some hosting companies. This is to ensure all sites hosted on their servers are up to speed and nobody is throttling the bandwidth. With Green Geeks, however, bandwidth isn’t a concern. Due to their consistent speeds backed by powerful technology, Green Geeks hosting offers unlimited bandwidth for all users; even those who are using their lesser plans.

GreenGeeks Backups

Green Geeks offers nightly backups, so your website will still be there should an accidental erasure or hardware failure occurs. Some other hosting companies offer daily, weekly, or monthly backups, but Green Geeks does it all for you, so you’ll never lose your hard work.

GreenGeeks Support

No hosting company is complete without support. Green Geeks offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so if you have problems at 3am on Sunday, someone will be there to help you fix it. Most, if not all other hosting companies offer support in a similar manner, but I’ve noticed with a few of the more known names, they are slower to respond to inquiries. When there’s an issue, you want it solved as quickly as possible. Green Geeks ensures just that. You can contact a member of the Green Geeks support team via live chat, phone, or email and expect a quick response to your inquiry.

GreenGeeks Cost

Web hosting can be expensive, especially if you choose a service that requires you to purchase additional features. Green Geeks is an all-inclusive hosting company, so you won’t have surprise expenses for extras. It may seem like you’re getting a good deal at the time, since a lot of hosting companies offer deals for new customers but take into consideration the price you’ll be paying after the discount month or year they offer. There’s a Green Geeks promo code that knocks the price down, making it a great time to buy. Companies like GoDaddy and iPage offer attractive looking discounts for new customers during the first year, but they lack all the features and content available on Green Geeks. In the end, you’ll be paying more with other hosting companies just to get all the features available for one price on Green Geeks. With the current promo, you can host a website for just $2.95 a month for the first year. After the promo period, you can expect to pay $9.99 a month. Compared to other hosting companies, that is a steal! So grab that Green Geeks promo code and get your new website launched today.

Website Builder

Most, if not all hosting companies offer some sort of website builder to make building your site a breeze. I’ve noticed there’s a learning curve with some though, like GoDaddy. Being totally new to the website building scene, I struggled using their website builder despite it being advertised as a 1-click builder. It also felt limited in its capabilities. Build your site easily with Green Geeks. They offer a drag and drop website builder, so even those with no experience can quickly create a beautiful website, ready for launch. The website builder offers plenty of features and options so you can build things your way. With over 250 scripts available, you can fully customize your website with the click of a button.


If you already have a website and you’re looking to switch hosts, Green Geeks offers website migration free of charge for those who purchase their hosting. Site migration specialists take care of all the work. All you have to do is give them the information they need. I’ve seen a few other hosting companies offer free transfers as well, but they don’t offer a team of specialists to get the job done. Quite a few hosting companies even charge to transfer your website to their platform!


If you’re hosting a business website, you want a business email to go with it. Many hosting companies limit you to just one or two emails for their basic plans, while Green Geeks allows you to create unlimited emails related to your domain name.

GreenGeeks Money Back Guarantee

You’ll find a money back guarantee on just about every hosting company’s website out there. While other services tend to beat around the bush and attempt to fix the problem with a refund, Green Geeks is so confident with their service they offer a 30 day, no questions asked money back guarantee. When I hosted on other platforms I was unhappy with, the representatives I spoke to kept trying to change my mind instead of issuing a refund when I mentioned how I wasn’t pleased with the service. One in particular caused more headaches than it was worth when they refused to honor their guarantee because I hadn’t tried the service long enough! Your money is safe with Green Geeks. If you aren’t pleased with what they have to offer, you have 30 days from the day of purchase to get a full refund. No questions asked, no pressuring you to stay.

With GreenGeeks Unlimited is Truly Unlimited

In order to get the unlimited features with most other hosting companies, you need to subscribe to one of their higher costing plans. No matter what plan you choose with Green Geeks hosting, you’ll enjoy unlimited SSD space, data transfer, sub and parked domains, MySQL databases, and e-mails. This means you can use the Green Geeks promo code for a first-year discount and still receive the same features as people who subscribe to a higher plan.

You may not realize it, but the internet leaves a heavy carbon footprint on the Earth. Web hosting requires data centers, which produce greenhouse gases. Green Geeks is a green web hosting company. Like all other green hosting companies, they give back to the environment. Some green companies purchase renewable energy certificates while others help reduce the effects of greenhouse gases. Not all green hosting companies are created equal, though. Green Geeks gives back triple fold buy purchasing three times the amount of energy they use as renewable energy. When it comes to web hosting in general, Green Geeks it the best hosting company available on the market. Not only do they offer plenty of unlimited features, but their 24/7 support is unmatched by any other hosting service. All web hosting companies boast they have the best speeds, but Green Geeks beats them all by the use of their unparalleled technology. Through the PowerCacher and lightspeed web server, along with multiple data centers, websites hosted on Green Geeks load quicker than they would on any other hosting service. Security is a key feature for any hosting company. Customers want to know their information and websites are safe, no matter what may happen. Green Geeks offers better security measures than any other hosting company by utilizing real time monitoring and third-party software to ensure threats are caught before they cause any damage. Websites are safe on Green Geeks, from both potential malware and hardware failures that might otherwise delete a site by use of nightly backups. Easily create and customize your website with the featured website builder on Green Geeks. It’s simple enough that novices can efficiently launch and host their own website. Forget costly upgrades and paying for extras. Green Geeks includes all their features in assets for one price, so you’re never stuck paying for extra features you want. Take advantage of the Green Geeks promo code and host your site with the most reliable web hosting company today.

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This blog contains paid affiliate links for GreenGeeks GreenGeeks Website Hosting Coupon Code For 70% Off! Click To Claim 70% DISCOUNT  When launching your own website, you want the most features for the best price. Web hosting leaves a heavy ...
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